The Secret Life of Plants

La verdad es que estaba ya un poquito cansada de buscar alguna foto que expresara lo que yo misma no soy capaz de decir, pero creo que he dado con la tecla. Así es como yo veo la vida secreta de las plantas:  tan simple, complicada y bella a la vez  que es difícil escapar a sus encantos. Y de esta forma tan peculiar la escucho y la siento también.

I can’t conceive the nucleus of all
Begins inside a tiny seed
And what we think as insignificant
Provides the purest air we breathe

But who am I to doubt or question the inevitable being
For these are but a few discoveries
We find inside the Secret Life of Plants

A species smaller than the eye can see
Or larger than most living things
And yet we take from it without consent
Our shelter, food, habilment

But far too many give them in return
A stomp, cut, drown, or burn
As is they’re nothing
But if you ask yourself where would you be
Without them you will find you would not

And some believe antennas are their leaves
That spans beyond our galaxy
They’ve been, they are and probably will be
Who are the mediocrity



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